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Strange Crossings

Strange Crossings explores what lies below the surface.  This series, partially inspired by the drifting debris from the Tohoku Tsunami, as well as global concerns about migration, aims to portray both the vastness of the ocean and the wonderment and trepidation that comes with its exploration. These tableau photographs highlight the surface beauty of the water, but they also illuminate what cannot be seen, the mysteries and dangers that lurk at ocean depths. By visualizing these hidden realms I can explore complicated narratives of longing, our relationship to the environment, and the various factors that drive such arduous journeys. Some of the photographs depict research vessels and allude to wanderlust and the desire to explore, while others show the tug of commercial ventures, or the misfortune of natural disasters.  In the end, these photographs lead the viewer through a fictional space that ponders the many reasons for leaving home. The photographs become a meditation on migration as well as fate and free will, for they offer no answers only a prolonged contemplation of the vastness of desire and the relentlessness of the ocean. 

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